Therapist Amsterdam

Are you looking for a personal coach, psychologist, psychotherapist or therapist in Amsterdam?

We offer therapy to give you the opportunity to find your own life solutions.

I work with different kinds of approaches to provide you with the best methods that work for you. The ultimate goal is to move your attention inwards where there is an endless source of wisdom, strength and love to be found.

English speaking therapy

Types of issues

You can contact me for:

✓ stress & burnout
✓ insecurities
✓ anxieties & phobias

✓ depression
✓ trauma
✓ relationship counselling
✓ recurring conflicts


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Sheila – Amsterdam Nieuw-West
Mijn name is Sheila.

As a therapist, I aim to support people who have trouble being themselves. People who experience pressure from their environment as a burden when trying to live their own authentic life. My key life lesson is that I don’t have to ‘do it alone’.

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